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hey everyone. i hope you click into comments to see this. i had hoped to post a sort of "wrap it up, end of an era, goodbye to mamaloo.com" type of post, but my typepad account has been suspended for nonpayment and i don't want to pay for another month services just to log in one last time for one last post.

so it's hidden here in comments where i hope you'll see it.

there have been so many changes to our lives and i'm not in the same place i was when i wrote all of Mamaloo. there is of course much more to come, from a different place, with a different focus, and therefore i intend to start a new blog on a different blogging site (where it's free!). if you would like to be kept informed of where i have gone, please email me at heymamaloo@gmail.com and i will direct you to my new roost.

thank you, thank you, thank you to commenters and pleasant lurkers over the years. i lead a somewhat isolated life due to my surrounding circumstances and your words and thoughts of encouragement mean the world to me.

farewell to Mamaloo, and welcome to the new.

take care,



Hey Cyb, this is lovely. I feel the same way, constantly whispering I love you to make up for all the things I do wrong.

Little Lovables

A lot of us moms have these feelings!!

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