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Oh, he is so cute! How old? I've only just found your site, so sorry if this info is available already. I'm just too tired to read the archives just now :)


Hi Bente! if you return for your answer, he's 9-10 months old.


Oh wow, and you were brave enough to give a haircut! I have a daughter who is 17 months, and I'm very worried when it comes time to give her a trim. Of course since she's a girl so there's not as much of a rush.

The OK Aunt

NICE job on the haircut, Mamaloo. He's SO handsome! You know I'm a sucker for long hair on guys, but at this point in his hair growing development, it just wasn't working. We can only hope that he's paid his comb-over karma and won't have to go through it again at the other end of the spectrum!

Fun Uncle Dana

You wish! If he has his Daddy's family genes he'll have a wide part by the time he's 40!

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